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Web report

BEST Web report

The results from the BEST Surveys conducted from 2001 until today are available through a web based reporting solution. You can log in to the application here. If you need a username and password, please contact BEST project manager.


Register as a user

Register as a user of the web site

To get access to the password restricted area of this web site you have to register. Everybody that is working in one of the organisations participating in BEST could register as a user. To register click here - click at the button "Sign up" and fill out the form with the following information:


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As a registered user you get access to the restricted area of this web site.


BEST Organising Committee

BEST Organising Committee

Per Gellert, BEST Chairman, VP of Traffic and Planning, Movia

Peter Andreas Rosbak Juhl, BEST Vice Chairman, Head of Analysis and Revenue, Movia (

Kjetil Vrenne, BEST Project Coordinator, ECAS, ( +47 922 53 471


Workshop about demand responsive service – presentations published

The BEST workshop about “Demand responsive services and how to develop public transport services for sparsely populated areas" was held in Oslo the 8th of November 2018.

Eight very interesting presentations were made. They are now available for download here (requires login).

Presentations from workshop in Helsinki published

The presentations from the workshop in Helsinki about "Operator contracts and incentive models. How to design and follow up on contracts and incentive models." has been published. You can find the documents here (requires login). 

BEST WS 2 - 2018

Program for workshop about "Demand responsive services" updated

WS 3: Demand responsive services and how to develop public transport services for sparsely populated areas. Oslo, 8th of November 2018. An updated preliminary program can be found here and you can register as a participant here.

Presentations from BEST workshop in Copenhagen published

The presentations from the workshop "How do we work with structured and unstructured data? How do we create value on the rapidly growing amount of data?" held in Copenhagen, on the 26th of September is now available for download. Click on this link (requires login). There were 16 participants representing HSL, SLL, Ruter, Skyss, Movia, Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and Bus og Tog at the workshop. 

BEST Survey results for 8 first months of 2018 published

The web report has now been updated with results for the 8 first months of 2018. Geneva still has the highest citizen satisfaction score, followed by Oslo and Helsinki. Copenhagen enjoys the largest increase in overall satisfaction with public transport, compared with 2017. For more results, go to


Program for WS 2 about operator contracts and finalised  

WS 2: Operator contracts and incentive models. How to design and follow up on contracts and incentive models.  Helsinki, 11th of October 2018. The finalised program can be found here


BEST Key figure database:

The BEST key figure database has now been updated with figures for 2017. If you want more info about the key figure database, contact:

Tobias Sankowsky, Ruter
Noora Tervahauta, HSL
Theis Axel Hansen, Movia
Björn Marklund, SLL/TF


Per Gellert new BEST Chairman

Per Gellert has replaced Eskil Thuesen as chairman for BEST for the remaining part of Movias chairmanship. Per Gellert is VP of Traffic and Planning in Movia. 

Per Gellert


BEST Annual Seminar 2018 in Malmö

The BEST Annual Seminar 2018 will take place on the 8th and 8th of March 2018 in Malmö, Sweden.

The seminar will start with "A presentation of Skånetrafiken and how we are developing public transport in the region of Skåne" by Carl Björklund. 

Ruter will present learnings from the introduction of a congestion charge on car traffic in the Oslo toll ring system, which increased the average cost of passing the toll points in the rush hour with almost 50 %. In its second presentation Ruter will address another hot topic: "Shared mobility in the immediate future – building a transport network for autonomous vehicles".

The public transport in the Rotterdam/Den Haag region (MRDH) will present “it’s all about travel time”. How MRDH is using its main goal ‘reducing travel time’ for policy making, projects and contracting transport operators. A story of success and failure by Pim Uijtdewilligen (MRDH).

The final program is available here. Practical information about the seminar can be found here


BEST workshops 2017

There will be held two BEST workshops, during the autumn of 2017. The topics for the workshops are briefly described below. 

WS 2: The future of market research and analysis. The workshop was held in in Copenhagen, October 11. The presentations from the workshops has been published here.

WS 4: New digital customer services and New innovations. How might new digital solutions and innovations improve customer experience? How could the PTA’s take advantage of the new technological possibilities to improve customer feedback, how to engage in digital dialogue with operators and passengers, how to improve traffic information, payment systems etc. The workshop was held in Helsinki, December 5, 2017The presentations from the workshops can be found here.

BEST Annual Seminar 2017 held in Copenhagen

The annual BEST seminar took place in Copenhagen on the 6th and 7th of March 2017. Around 35 participants from the following city/regions participated:

  1. Copenhagen/Movia
  2. Geneva
  3. Helsinki/HSL
  4. Hordaland/Skyss
  5. Oslo og Akershus/Ruter
  6. Singapore/Public Transport Council
  7. Stockholm/SLL TF
  8. Rotterdam, Den Haag /MRDH

A lot of very interesting presentations were made, and among those that received special attention among the participants was HSL presentation about how a digital feedback system could solve three problems, the customer feedback, the operator feedback, and the service feedback system. Birgitte Svarre presentation about liveable cities gave interesting thoughts on how to create cities for people. And Ruters presentation of UX-project sprints, was another presentation mentioned by the BEST vice chair Peter Rosbak Juhl, when he made his closing comments. All presentations are now available for download here (login required). 

BEST Seminar participants 2017


SLL TFs trend report: A changing world 2016

Stockholm County Council’s Traffic Administration has just finalized a new trend report. The need for trend analysis is obvious, as described in the foreword in the report:

The world around us is constantly changing and the tempo today may well be faster than it has ever been. Stockholm’s population is expected to increase greatly, digitisation is bringing with it previously unimagined
possibilities, and achieving sustainable development is becoming increasingly important. These factors raise a number of issues, such as how the Stockholm region will develop and what role public transport will have in the future.

The planning horizons for Stockholm County Council’s Traffic Administration are long, often 20 to 30 years, even though decisions must be made here and now. Many of these decisions will need to be made with insufficient information, but with the aid of a better understanding of the environment and the trends that we see occurring around us, the risk of making wrong decisions can be reduced.

This report has been prepared with the purpose of shedding light on those trends and their potential consequences. It is intended to provide support in the Traffic Administration’s work on strategy and to provide the foundations for
in-depth discussions.

11a SLL Trend Analysis - Omvärld_i_förändring_2016_webb

SLL Trend analysis - A_changing _world_2016

BEST workshop about mobility in Oslo 9th of February

The first BEST workshop in 2017 will be about mobility. It will be held in Oslo on the 9th of February. The target group is people in public transport authorities’ working with mobility strategy, new mobility concepts, demand responsive transport services, initiatives combining PT and car sharing / carpooling etc.

As usual each participating organization gives a short presentation related to the topic, with ample possibility for the work shop participants to ask questions/discuss the topic presented.

The purpose of the workshop is to discuss different aspects of mobility (service concepts, ownership, branding, pricing, information), and how public transport authorities could respond to the new possibilities. There will also be a presentation of the BEST special survey topic related to mobility, based on data for Copenhagen, Helsinki and Oslo.

You will find more info about the workshop and a preliminary program here. For more info and to register as a participant, please contact Frode Hvattum in Ruter As ( or the BEST project manager Kjetil Vrenne ( Register as soon as possible, and no later than 13th of January 2017. 


Movia takes over the chairmanship for BEST from January 2017

The chairmanship for BEST will be transfered from Ruter to Movia effective from January 2017. Center manager Eskil Thuesen, will replace Marit Elin Leite as chairman for BEST. Area manager for analysis and revenue Peter Andreas Rosbak Juhl will take over as vice chairman for BEST, replacing Gylve Aftret Sandal.

Eskil Thuesen


Peter Andreas Rosbak Juhl, Movia

BEST Survey results available for the 8 first months of 2016 available

BEST Survey results for the first eight months of 2016 is now available in the web report. To take a look at all the results, visit the new web report at, or click here. If you would like to have access, just send an e-mail to the BEST project manager.


BEST workshop about "Ticketing concepts of the future, and how to develop new sources of revenue"

The first BEST workshop in the autumn of 2016 will take place in Oslo on the 13th of October. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss future ticketing concepts and how to develop new sources of revenue. Even though these topics are quite different, they both relate to the revenue side of public transport. Rapid technological changes combined with increased demand for personalised services, opens up a lot of new possibilities (and revenue streams?) that we will discuss & explore together.

At the workshop Ruter will present:

  • Next generation ticketing and payment solutions for public transport. Main results from market studies of different next generation ticketing concepts and payment solutions/providers
  • Improved customer solutions, using mobile phones and beacons for ticketing purposes. Possibilities and experiences from a real life pilot study in Oslo

SLL will present:

  • How SLL are developing new sources of revenue. In what areas do we see the greatest potential, and what does it take?

You can find more info about the workshop here, or contact Gylve Aftret Sandal (e-mail:

Workshop about brand strategy in Helsinki 17th of November 2016

On the 17th of November a workshop about "How the brand strategy can increase attractiveness of public transport" will be held in Helsinki. You can find more info about the workshop here, or you could contact Jarno Ekström,, phone:+ 358 40 140 8146.

HSL workshop - brand


BEST Annual Seminar 2016 held the 25th and 26th of April

The annual BEST Seminar 2016 was held in The Hague on the 25th and 26th of April with over 30 participants from the 7 BEST member organisations. In addition EMTA was represented at the meeting with General Secretary Ruud van der Ploeg.
All the presentations from the seminar have been published in the BEST web site, and are available for download. (see link below)  

BEST Seminar 2016 - presentations

Program and list of participants with e-mail

BEST Seminar 2016


Workshop in Stockholm 15th of March: What would make public transport more interesting for car users?

A workshop related to the BEST special survey topic 2015 "What would make public more interesting for car users?" will be held the 15th of March in Stockholm. You will find a link to the preliminary programme below. 

WS 1 - 2016: What would make PT more interesting for car users?

As usual, each participating organisation will make a presentation. If you want to discuss what your organisation could present or have other questions related to the workshop you can contact Gabriella Nilsson ( To register send an e-mail to Eva Ness in SLL ( 

Workshop about citizen involvement held in Oslo

A workshop about citizen involvement was held in Oslo on the 26th of November. The presentations covered various aspects including:  

  • Customer involvement in service development
  • Engaging people in the future of public transport
  • Citizen participation in the West Metro Bus route plan 2014
  • Operational Research - making it digital
  • Workshop with active citizen involvement - The String Game
  • Mobile data collection methods

All presentations are available for download here (requires login).

Workshop about forecasting demand and ticket revenue held in Helsinki

A workshop about "How to forecast changes in demand and estimate ticket revenue?" was held in Helsinki. Below you will find short abstracts of some of the presentations. You will find the presentations here (requires login).

Abstract: Public transport fare elasticity in HRT 2014

Price elasticity in public transport refers to responsiveness of demand for tickets to (small) changes in their prices. Direct elasticity affects same ticket type and cross elasticity affects other ticket types or modes of transport. In literature rule of thumb is -0.3 (10% upcharge leads 3% deduction in demand). Based on data from 2005-2013 in HRT area price elasticity coefficient for seasonal ticket is -0.36.

Abstract: Ticket survey – the way to share the costs of public transport for HSL’s member municipalities

HSL’s operating expenses are allocated to member municipalities based on the use of the services: operating costs on the basis of passenger kilometers, other costs on the basis of boardings. The demand data used in the allocation are mainly based on ticket surveys and Travel Card system data. The presentation summarizes the method of ticket survey and gives a few examples how the results are used. 

Abstract: Forecasting revenue shares at Ruter

Ruter’s presentation is about the methods of revenue sharing and price compensation between local public transport and the national railway company. It is also about how to forecast the development of the railway’s share and the gap between our different price systems.


BEST Seminar 2015 held - presentations available

The annual BEST Seminar took place on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th of September in Oslo, at Hotel Scandic Fornebu. About 30 participants from 5 countries and 6 cities/organisations took part.The program, presentations and list of participants are available for download here (login required)

Participants discussing one of the presentations held at the seminar

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BEST Questionnaires 2012 - available for download

The questionnaire used for the 2012 survey is available for download from the BEST website. If you log in to the restricted area of this site you will find the master questionnaire in English. You will also find the questionnaire for each participating city included additional questions for Geneva.


Final report: CIG Relationship between objective quality versus customers’ satisfaction

The report summarizes the discussions and findings of the BEST common interest group, devoted to studies of the relationship between objective quality and customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction has the potential to highlight and explain the link between what a company does (in terms of the products and services it offers) and its customers’ reactions to that. For public transport, this link is a key concern.

Obj quality

Satisfaction studies provide decision-makers with information about what customers consider important, as well as about how the existing public transport service is perceived to perform in these dimensions.

Satisfaction measures are also important in performance-based contracts which have become increasingly popular in the public transport sector in line with the general trend of market orientation in that sector.

But in order to be managerially meaningful, satisfaction data must therefore be collected, analyzed and interpreted in ways that make it relevant to the realities of public transport.The aim of the report is to highlight how this challenge was tackled by:

  • Helsinki (HKL)
  • Stockholm (SL)
  • Oslo (Ruter)

The report can be found by clicking at the following link CIG Objective vs subjective quality - final report (requires login). If you do not have a user name & password, you can contact Kjetil Vrenne at (


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