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BEST Organising Committee

BEST Organising Committee

Sini Puntanen, BEST Chair, Director of Department, Transport System and Research, HSL

Marko Vihervuori, BEST Vice Chairman, Head of Group, Traffic Surveys, HSL (

Kjetil Vrenne, BEST Project Coordinator, ECAS, ( +47 922 53 471


Travel behaviour surveys: Stockholm 3rd of September.

The second workshop in 2019 will be held in Stockholm on the 3rd of September and will be dealing with travel behaviour surveys. Among the issues to be addressed is:

  • What should be our strategy for data collection?
  • How to optimize the surveys to create robust and quality assured data?
  • How to find ways to create new methods which replaces the traditional ones?

Among the topics that will be presented are:

  • New solutions for future travel surveys?
  • National survey 2019, why SL chose a traditional method?
  • Applying service design in a travel survey – the case of Helsinki region Travel Survey 2018

Preliminary program. Register here.


Workshop "Passenger counting" Helsinki 23rd of May.

The first workshop in 2019 will be held in Helsinki on the 23rd of May. It will be about passenger counting methods, devices, systems, ways of organizing responsibilities, statistical processes, challenges and solutions. As usual all participating PT authorities will make a short presentation. Among the confirmed topics to be presented is:

  • The results of a benchmarking study of automated passenger counting systems in BEST cities (devices used, how its organised, and calculation/imputation models etc).
  • HSL’s passenger counting challenges with measuring rate and future plans, for example procuring new passenger counting devices for buses
  • Imputation methods, and their pros and cons
  • SL’s new strategic decisions regarding passenger counting and the effects on our technical solutions and contracts

The workshop is free, and open to people responsible for procuring passenger counting devices, systems and /or analyzing / reporting data from passenger counting systems working in public transport authorities.

Preliminary program.

BEST Annual Seminar 2019

The annual BEST seminar will take place in Helsinki on the 28th and 29th of March 2019. It will take place in Hotel Katajanokka, which is located in a building that originally served as a county prison. For practical info about the seminar, fees and deadlines click here.

The seminar will cover a variety of topics like:

  • Evaluating new bus network adapted to new metro line (Copenhagen)
  • Travel patterns in new analysis tool based on travel card data Accessibility – a model for evaluating stations from a sustainable perspective
  • Analysis of the transition to electric buses in the Stockholm Region in a system perspective – how we can take next sustainability step; from fossil free to electric and energy efficient
  • Extensive change in zone structure: From 470 to 7 zones. What have we learned?
  • Sharing our experience in integrating Power BI in our organization
  • News in ticketing and zone structure
  • Experiences of western metro system after over one year of operation
  • Findings from the Oslo Study – How autonomous cars may change transport in cities
  • Ruter’s co-creation center – a service design challenge
  • Bums on seats: Strategies for handling unexpected transport demand growth
  • Preliminary results from special survey topic 2018: Perceived accessibility - from Generation Z to the Salient generation.

For more details see the preliminary program available here. To register as a participant, click here.


Workshops 2019

The first BEST workshop in 2019 will focus on "Passenger counting". It will be held in Helsinki in May. A preliminary program is to be found here. To register, click here.

The other workshop topics are:

  • Travel behavior and customer surveys. How to optimize them? 
  • How do we motivate customers to pay? 
  • How to take charge of customer response? Including visit to the new Customer Center.


Workshop about demand responsive service – presentations published

The BEST workshop about “Demand responsive services and how to develop public transport services for sparsely populated areas" was held in Oslo the 8th of November 2018.

Eight very interesting presentations were made. They are now available for download here (requires login).

Presentations from workshop in Helsinki published

The presentations from the workshop in Helsinki about "Operator contracts and incentive models. How to design and follow up on contracts and incentive models." has been published. You can find the documents here (requires login). 

BEST WS 2 - 2018

Program for workshop about "Demand responsive services" updated

WS 3: Demand responsive services and how to develop public transport services for sparsely populated areas. Oslo, 8th of November 2018. An updated preliminary program can be found here and you can register as a participant here.

Presentations from BEST workshop in Copenhagen published

The presentations from the workshop "How do we work with structured and unstructured data? How do we create value on the rapidly growing amount of data?" held in Copenhagen, on the 26th of September is now available for download. Click on this link (requires login). There were 16 participants representing HSL, SLL, Ruter, Skyss, Movia, Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and Bus og Tog at the workshop. 

BEST Survey results for 8 first months of 2018 published

The web report has now been updated with results for the 8 first months of 2018. Geneva still has the highest citizen satisfaction score, followed by Oslo and Helsinki. Copenhagen enjoys the largest increase in overall satisfaction with public transport, compared with 2017. For more results, go to


Program for WS 2 about operator contracts and finalised  

WS 2: Operator contracts and incentive models. How to design and follow up on contracts and incentive models.  Helsinki, 11th of October 2018. The finalised program can be found here


BEST Key figure database:

The BEST key figure database has now been updated with figures for 2017. If you want more info about the key figure database, contact:

Tobias Sankowsky, Ruter
Noora Tervahauta, HSL
Theis Axel Hansen, Movia
Björn Marklund, SLL/TF


Per Gellert new BEST Chairman

Per Gellert has replaced Eskil Thuesen as chairman for BEST for the remaining part of Movias chairmanship. Per Gellert is VP of Traffic and Planning in Movia. 

Per Gellert


BEST Annual Seminar 2018 in Malmö

The BEST Annual Seminar 2018 will take place on the 8th and 8th of March 2018 in Malmö, Sweden.

The seminar will start with "A presentation of Skånetrafiken and how we are developing public transport in the region of Skåne" by Carl Björklund. 

Ruter will present learnings from the introduction of a congestion charge on car traffic in the Oslo toll ring system, which increased the average cost of passing the toll points in the rush hour with almost 50 %. In its second presentation Ruter will address another hot topic: "Shared mobility in the immediate future – building a transport network for autonomous vehicles".

The public transport in the Rotterdam/Den Haag region (MRDH) will present “it’s all about travel time”. How MRDH is using its main goal ‘reducing travel time’ for policy making, projects and contracting transport operators. A story of success and failure by Pim Uijtdewilligen (MRDH).

The final program is available here. Practical information about the seminar can be found here



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